The late American architect, Julia Morgan, was known to have said, “Architecture is a visual art, and the buildings speak for themselves.”

Too often, however, creativity and artistic design are sacrificed out of concern for building performance, ease of installation, and budget. It does not have to be that way.

Insulated architectural wall panels offer a simple solution for addressing these concerns, while allowing designers to fully flex their creative muscles. Just as a nice-looking suit makes the wearer feel good, eye-catching buildings have the ability to make occupants—or the overall neighborhood—feel good, too. 

Show-stopping structures are possible with architectural wall panels. BENCHMARK by Kingspan, offers a complete building envelope solution that can be tailor made for projects that cannot be classified as run-of-the-mill. The product allows building projects to have it all: striking style, superior performance, modern technology, and ease of installation.

Contemporary Creativity

Architectural wall panels offer an abundance of design flexibility to truly satisfy a designer’s creative side. Desire bold colors or textured surfaces? How about a building with curves or irregularly shaped panels? Maybe the vision includes ceramic or metallic cladding? Architects are essentially limited only by their imaginations.

The Designwall Series architectural wall system boasts sleek options such as Designwall Granitstone and Designwall H-Wave, the latter of which is deftly described as having “a continuous sweeping profile for beautiful shadowing effects.”

More Flexibility With Façade Systems

Multi-component façade systems are no match for BENCHMARK’s Engineered Façade Systems. Kingspan eliminates façade complexities and makes it easy to quickly install claddings such as aluminum composite, thin brick, plate, and ceramic.

The Engineered Façade Systems feature insulated paneling, support rails to attach the façade, and the cladding. Having a single-source building envelope solution adds a layer of consistency and reduces coordination with multiple parties.

These architectural wall panels, which are created using foam-in-place and laminated methods, come with all the benefits of traditional insulated metal panels.

That is to say they:

  • Are energy efficient thanks to Polyiso rigid insulation
  • Are airtight and offer impressive R-values
  • Contribute to a sustainable building envelope beyond the LEED program.

In today’s changing market, it’s ever more important to have a sustainable design strategy. It is possible with insulated architectural wall panels—all while keeping the art in architecture.

BENCHMARK by Kingspan manufactures an array of architectural wall panels. Visit Kingspan Panels for more information.