Liquid Flashing

W.R. Meadows

The company has a new addition to its air-barrier line of products: AIR-SHIELD Liquid Flashing. This is a high-quality, gun-grade, low-odor, elastomeric, polyether liquid-applied flashing and detailing membrane. It bonds to most construction materials, such as aluminum, brick, concrete, wood, vinyl and exterior gypsum board.

This general-purpose, wet flashing membrane is used to seal rough openings and detail joints between exterior gypsum board. It is designed for window and door flashing applications. It is also to be used as a liquid-applied flashing, compatible with the entire line of the company’s AIR-SHIELD air, vapor and liquid moisture barriers.



New Metal Composite Material


Kovabond is a metal composite material designed to provide architects, contractors and building owners with extensive options for exterior cladding and metal wall panels. The product consists of two outer skins—available in aluminum, zinc, copper and stainless steel—surrounding a solid core of low-density polyethylene and fire retardant compound. The lightweight properties of Kovabond provide ease of installation and a pallet of colors intended to facilitate creativity and imagination.



Prime Roof Boards

Georgia-Pacific Gypsum

Third-party testing results confirm that Georgia-Pacific Gypsum’s DensDeck Prime Roof Boards display superior puncture and impact resistance.

The independent ASTM D5635 puncture test results indicate that when compared with HD ISO boards, the thermoplastic membranes do not puncture as easily when 1/4-inch DensDeck Prime Roof Boards are used as a cover board. Thermoplastic membranes tested in assemblies with 1/4-inch DensDeck Prime boards underneath were, on average, 83 percent more puncture resistant than membranes with half HD ISO, or no cover board at all.


Foam Insulation


Designed to solve tough installation requirements, CertaSpray Foam Insulation is a polyurethane foam that is sprayed into a building cavity and quickly expands to fill openings that may potentially leak air. The foam insulation provides an effective seal, which reduces energy loss and improves indoor air quality.

CertaSpray can be used in whole building applications or in combination with fiberglass insulation. It is an ideal solution for hard to reach areas such as cathedral ceilings, knee walls and roof decks.

The product has achieved GreenGuard Indoor Air Quality and GreenGuard Children & Schools certifications. It is also ICC-ES approved, meeting building code standards.



Silicone Roof Coating

RM Lucas

RM Lucas has added #8000 Silicone Roof Coating to its line of roof restoration products. The coating is ideal for flat roofs that experience periods of retained water. The breathable coating may be spray or roller applied, and is available in reflective white and other common colors. The #8000 Silicone bonds to all major roof substrates and comes with one of the best warranties in the industry.


Duro-Guard Insulation Solutions

Duro-Last Inc.

Duro-Last offers complete roofing systems with solutions from Edge-to-Edge & Deck-to-Sky. Deck-to-Sky options include everything from cover boards and vapor barriers that protect the roof deck, to both ISO and EPS insulation. These products can contribute to roofing assembly best practices, making the “World’s Best Roof” even more durable.

Available products include:

  • Duro-Guard ISO
  • Duro-Guard EPS, including Flute Fill Combo
  • DensDeck and Securock Cover Boards
  • Duro-Guard Fan Fold, available in both EPS  and XPS



Stone-Coated Metal Roofing Systems

Headwaters Roofing

Ordinary roofs need replacement every 17 years, on average. Gerard builds its stone-coated metal roofing systems to provide decades of protection. Constructed of rugged 26-gauge Galvalume steel panels, Gerard stone-coated metal roofing systems stave off elements in ways unmatched by conventional roofing materials.  Hail stones, temperature extremes and the sun’s damaging UV rays all begin to wear down most roofs from the day they’re installed.  By contrast, easy-to-install Gerard Roofing Systems defy fierce weather, continuing to perform year after year in worry-free fashion.  



Data Center  Ceiling System

Armstrong World Industries Inc.

Specifically designed to fit data center needs, new Prelude XL Max suspension systems from Armstrong support loads up to 200 pounds for cable trays, bus bars, and other data center components. Using 3/8-inch threaded rod connections and integrated hanging clips, Prelude XL Max provides reconfigurable support for overhead cable tray and electrical distribution without a separate strut channel system. The pre-engineered system eliminates penetrations through the ceiling, minimizing air infiltration while improving access and aesthetics.