Prefabricated  Waterproofing System

MFM Building Products

Manufactured in the USA by MFM Building Products, FutureFlash is a prefabricated, waterproofing membrane designed for use around windows, doors, under stucco and other exterior wall systems. The FutureFlash system seals effectively, yet will not trap or promote moisture buildup inside the wall cavity. 



Versatile Wall System

Kingspan Insulated Metal Panels

Among the advantages of using the KarrierPanel wall system is the increased speed of build that quickly achieves a weather tight enclosure. It also offers unlimited possibilities for rainscreen cladding installed as a screening outboard of the enclosure panel system. It is suitable for all building types in any climate, combining the thermal benefits of lightweight insulated metal panels with the pleasing aesthetics of multiple façade styles. Once installed, this system provides excellent building envelope performance with a high R-value, and airtightness with an air, water, and vapor barrier. This allows energy cost savings of as much as 30 percent over traditional multi-part built-up barrier wall systems. 



High-Performance  Cladding System


Outsulation X provides architects with a single-source solution for the air and water-resistive barrier, continuous insulation, and finished appearance of the exterior wall. General contractors also will appreciate that a single, professional subcontractor can install this engineered, fully tested, code-compliant system. As with all of its Outsulation Systems, Dryvit provides a written system warranty upon request.



EV Membrane

Duro-Last Inc.

Duro-Last now offers one more option for long-lasting protection. Duro-Last EV Membrane includes DuPont Elvaloy KEE polymer—which remains flexible under demanding conditions. Paired with the company’s PVC wear layer and its proprietary polyester scrim, the product offers outstanding flexibility, durability and resistance to weather, UV, chemicals and oils. 



Drywall Fire Protection

Georgia-Pacific Gypsum 

Georgia-Pacific’s new ½-inch ToughRock Fireguard 45 Gypsum Board solves three critical pain points for building professionals desiring increased fire-ratings in their construction: as a ½-inch fire-rated wallboard, it can replace all standard and lightweight ½-inch walls. There’s no need to change the wall assembly; it lowers the transmission of sounds between rooms more effectively than competing lightweight ½-inch wallboard.



Flexible Roof Membrane


The company has developed SENTINE PVC, a high-performance roofing membrane that provides long-term performance, is easy to install, flexible and aesthetically pleasing for a variety of roofing types. SENTINEL PVC roof systems are manufactured using specialized processes that provide unique roof top performance and aesthetic characteristics, including Acrylic Shield surfacing. It (Silver Art and Copper Art) is the only roof membrane of its kind to integrate silver and copper metallic powder providing enhanced aesthetic appearance and weathering capabilities that are identical to metal roofs.



Graffiti-Resistant Coatings


Valspar announced the development of an ASTM-compliant graffiti-resistant system, tested and approved for all Valspar Coil and Extrusion building products. Graffiti resistance and removal solutions are needed in communities around the world affected by defacement. Valspar has aligned with Graffiti Removal Services to create a sustainable, cost-effective system. GRS’s non-toxic products use a brush-on, wipe-off application with no dwell time to quickly and effectively remove graffiti without damaging the underlying Valspar coating. The water-soluble, biodegradable cleaning system is easy to use and gives maintenance professionals a powerful tool in the fight against graffiti.  



Acoustic Ceiling Panels with 0.95 NRC


Helping improve acoustics in open-plan offices and other commercial interiors, ROCKFON enhances the high sound absorbing performance of Rockfon Sonar stone wool ceiling panels to achieve Noise Reduction Coefficients as high as 0.95. Now available in a wider range of standard sizes, styles and formats, Rockfon Sonar ceiling panels contribute to commercial projects’ creative designs, industry-leading performance and sustainability goals. Along with high acoustic performance, the panels’ lightly textured white surface delivers high light reflectance (0.85 LR) to maximize daylighting and dimensional stability at up to 100 percent relative humidity.