The luxury ski resort area of Beaver Creek, Colo., received 186 inches of snowfall in 2013 and already has more than 188 inches of snowfall recorded for 2014. What helps protect the Dakotas at Arrowhead Townhome Association in nearby Edwards, Colo., from such massive amounts of snow? Their new roof featuring impact-resistant DaVinci Roofscapes polymer shake tiles.

“We had some leaking issues with the aging cedar shake roofs and new rules looming regarding approved roofing materials in Arrowhead for our 30 units at the Dakotas, and decided now was the time to re-roof,” said Kimberly Rowland, director of association services at Bold Solutions, the property management companies for the Dakotas. “Real wood roof shingles are no longer allowed when doing a full roof replacement in this area due to fire risk and difficulty securing insurance, so we explored the options of synthetic shake shingles.”

The team at Bold Solutions worked closely with the board, the roofing committee, the Arrowhead design review board for the association and other stakeholders to make a decision on new roofing. When professionals from Turner Morris Roof Systems offered the fire-resistant Bellaforté Shake tiles from DaVinci Roofscapes as an alternative roofing product, the group was impressed.

“We’ve installed DaVinci products on a dozen different commercial roofing projects in Colorado because they’re the only product we’ve found that works well in our climatic region,” said Scott Cunningham, mountain project manager with Turner Morris Roof Systems. “These roofs are impact- and fire-resistant with the natural look of real cedar with great shadow lines, but with all the advantages of a man-made product. Best of all, they have a 50-year limited warranty so this is a great investment for the Dakotas community.”

The final selection of Bellaforté Shake tiles in the Mountain-Variblend color blend of three mountain browns was chosen for the project in the autumn of 2013.

“We looked at the total cost of ownership when evaluating which roofing tile to purchase,” said Rowland.
“In doing our research, we found that the investment in these durable roofing tiles would potentially be offset by the expected longevity and low maintenance costs represented by Turner Morris and DaVinci,” said Rowland. “From an aesthetics standpoint, the Dakotas at Arrowhead owners are very pleased. We have recommended the DaVinci product to other homeowner associations along with the services of Turner Morris.”

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