The new Benevolence Farm Barn in Graham, N.C. was designed and built entirely by the students of North Carolina State University’s summer design-and-build program. The nonprofit organization houses woman who have recently been released from prison, providing an opportunity for the women to live and work on a farm where they grow food, nourish themselves and thrive within a community.

Working with Durham-based architecture firm, BuildSense, the students focused on sustainability and functionality. It was imperative that every square foot of the barn was utilized—reusing water to irrigate other parts of the farm as well as having a space to wash and process vegetables.

BuildSense contracted with Houston-based MBCI to provide the metal roofing panels. MBCI supplied 2,000 square feet of 24 gauge PBC and Corrugated panels with a Galvalume Plus finish.

MBCI is a leading manufacturer of metal roof and wall panels for architectural, commercial, industrial, institutional, residential and agricultural applications.

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