BEACHWOOD, Ohio — The product laboratory of Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance was recently awarded its latest patent for the Rapid Set Reinforcing Fabric. The U.S. Patent number is 8,124,183.

The Rapid Set Reinforcing Fabric is part of the company’s ICE (Instant Cure Emulsion) system, a sustainable, three-component roofing solution composed of an adhesive, the reinforcing fabric and the white, reflective ICE Coating.

The fabric (or scrim) is a reinforced polyester mat pre-treated with a salt to provide a quick cure when applied in the company’s Tremlastic SP adhesive. The salt reacts with the adhesive, a water-based asphalt emulsion, which causes it to “break” or release water. It then sets up very quickly, so that with favorable weather conditions a roof can be coated in as few as four hours after the Tremlastic SP/Rapid Set Reinforcing Fabric combination is applied. It can often take as long as 30 days for a roofing system to cure before the coating can be applied.

The Rapid Set Reinforcing Fabric patent is just the latest example of the lab’s focus on developing products that can help improve the sustainability of its roofing systems and help Tremco Roofing’s customers meet their long-term facility goals.

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