Architectural TestingYORK, Pa. — In October 2011, Architectural Testing, Inc. (ATI) introduced a comprehensive list of services to the roofing industry designed to address the needs of manufacturers, insurance companies, certification agencies, code officials and other interested parties.

ATI rounded out their roof services with the addition of fire testing, which they added to their IAS-accreditation scope earlier in 2011. Other roof services provided by ATI help to determine a product's resistance to weather, fire, and impact; to establish its structural performance; to measure its acoustical and thermal properties; and to demonstrate its ability to meet the requirements of key jurisdictions, the Cool Roof Rating Council, and Energy Star programs. ATI performs tests and evaluations for all roof-associated products, materials, and systems, including skylights, tubular daylighting devices (TDDs), solar panels, ridge vents, gutter systems, as well as edge flashing and coping details. To complement its testing capabilities, ATI also provides forensic and engineering services, certification programs and third-party follow-up inspections.

"Rather than specializing in only one or two tests, we offer all of the desired services necessary to evaluate roof products," said Chad Buhrman, industry manager, RoofServices, at Architectural Testing. "ATI's goal is to be the single-source solution for the roofing industry. You can come here and get it all done." As part of their suite of roof services, ATI provides code evaluation, test plan development, engineering, testing, product evaluation, and certification programs, including Listing and Labeling Services.

The roof is a key component of the building envelope and there are a number of environmental factors that can affect its performance over time. Product testing and certification assures building officials that stringent requirements of the codes are met, including the jurisdictional specifications of Miami-Dade County, Florida, Texas Department of Insurance, City of Los Angeles, and New York City. Additionally, several insurance companies offer premium discounts for policy holders who install roofing materials that meet certain impact classifications.

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