A below-grade drainage detail. Allowance is made for temporary rises in groundwater levels.

This detail provides the proper application method of a vertical drain tile. The drain tile is applied after the application of the vertical waterproofing barrier. Waterproofing is completed in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements prior to the installation of the drain tile.

This is a typical detail that can be used with all waterproofing systems.


• Drain: 4-inch drain tile.

• Protection: 6-inch polyethylene film.

• Filter mat: Butyl sealant tape.


To install a vertical drain tile:

1. Apply a 6-mil polyethylene film over the completed vertical waterproofing barrier. The film shall extend over the footer and past the pre-formed soil (gutter).

2. Set a 4-inch drain tile over the polyethylene film and pre-formed soil gutter.

3. Apply a filter mat over the drain tile.

4. Apply compacted sand/ gravel backfill over the completed application.