Reworld™, a leader in sustainable waste solutions formerly known as Covanta, released its 2024 Sustainability Report, which, for the first time, integrates the sustainability achievements of eight strategically acquired companies. This report reflects the company’s journey towards transforming waste into valuable resources through innovative technologies and offerings.

Five focused service lines comprise this transformation: ReDirect360 (Zero Waste-to-Landfill Solutions), ReKiln Fuels (Engineered Solutions), ReDrop (Wastewater Treatment), ReMove (Waste Logistics), and ReCredit (Sustainable Carbon Offsets). These services provide comprehensive, customized solutions that help manage costs and minimize risks for corporate and municipal customers.

"At Reworld™, sustainability isn't merely a goal—it's our central focus, and our latest report underscores this principle with the remarkable progress we've achieved as a company," remarked Tequila Smith, Chief Sustainability Officer at Reworld™. “Over the last two years, we have significantly grown our industry footprint and invested in technologies that deliver smart, sustainable solutions, transforming waste into economic, environmental, and social values for our customers, communities, and society."

The following highlights from the company’s 2024 sustainability report underscore its position as the foremost provider of sustainable waste solutions via strengthened technological capabilities, proven by a 50% customer base growth in less than two years:

  • Reworld™ achieved an 81% increase in waste recycled and/or reused compared to 2021.
  • Reworld™ achieves a 97% landfill diversion rate, annually
  • Reworld™ sustainably managed 20M tons of waste in 2023.
  • The amount of wastewater that Reworld™ treated in 2023 more than doubled from the previous year.
  • The company’s Thermomechanical Treatment Facilities, which perform the waste-to-energy service for which the legacy company is known, divert 19 million tons of waste from landfills yearly. The facilities, which delivers 41M metric tons of lifecycyle greenhouse gas savings yearly, outperforms wind and solar by a factor of 10 in its ability to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.

The sustainability report also emphasizes the company’s commitment to community and workforce:

  • Reworld™ employees are engaged in their local communities, having completed more than 12,000 service hours, 100 community cleanup events, and 300 facility tours.
  • Since 2020, the Reworld™ workforce has grown in both size (17% increase) and geographical footprint, including a 43% increase in female employees and a focus on local community engagement, diversity, and veteran hiring.
  • The safety of its people, communities and the planet is a core business value in the company’s approach to sustainability; Reworld™ has achieved a 71% better safety performance than the waste industry average

The report also lists the company’s finance-linked sustainability goals for 2025, including recycling and reusing 25% more waste relative to an adjusted 2020 baseline.

As Reworld™ continues to expand and innovate, this report affirms its commitment to superior environmental outcomes, paving the way for ongoing contributions to a smarter, more sustainable world.

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