Glen-Gery Corporation, a premier brick manufacturer that is part of Brickworks North America, has launched the first U.S. exclusive edition of Materiality, a publication that explores the use of bricks in contemporary architecture. Materiality is intended to provoke discussion and interest among architects and designers, professionals and students, and the general reader.

Glen-Gery Launches First U.S. Exclusive Edition of Materiality Showcasing Contemporary University Architecture

This year's edition, Materiality: Brick in contemporary university architecture, highlights how architects and designers are using brick in campus and community architectural projects across the United States. As with previous volumes, this latest publication offers case studies, illustrated technical essays, and rich photographs and drawings that provide a high-level view of how the architect and designer imagined and executed their project.

"In an era where architectural trends and materials come and go, brick's enduring beauty, versatility and resilience stand out as a cornerstone in shaping structures that transcend time and inspire generations," says Tim Leese, director of marketing for Brickworks North America. "Within its pages, Materiality: Brick in contemporary university architecture vividly illustrates this belief, showcasing the most exceptional architectural projects and designs from universities across the U.S."

Many projects within Materiality feature bricks made by Glen-Gery and showcase the technical nature of how bricks are artfully used and incorporated into outstanding building designs:

  • Zeppos Residential College at Vanderbilt University: A monumental 260,000-square-foot residential building with a collegiate gothic-style structure. Through the use of limestone details, patterned brick and a warm palette of interior materials, the building scale is humanizing and creates a series of public and private spaces, bringing comfort and familiarity to residents.
  • The Iribe Center of Computer Science and Engineering at University of Maryland: Peeling back the layers of this building project, the two-part structure showcases the intricacies of the non-structural application of brick. Through the use of parametric modeling, an abstract pattern was translated into a system of brick that creates the illusion of movement along the interior walls.
  • The Institute for Data Science at University of Rochester: As the signature focus of the University's strategic plan, the 61,000-square-foot research institute's design treats each brick as a digital 'pixel' of information. Shadows from the projecting bricks activate the facades, creating dynamic, textural surfaces that communicate natural environment data across the days and seasons.

To celebrate the debut of Materiality, Glen-Gery will host a launch event at its global flagship Brickworks Design Studio in New York City on April 18, 2024. The exclusive event will include a discussion, "Shapes to the X Degree," featuring several architects from across the U.S. The speakers, whose firms and projects are featured in Materiality, will discuss how unique architectural shapes and details can be achieved through the use of masonry.

The launch celebration will also mark the introduction of Glen-Gery's inaugural architect collaboration program. Event attendees, including architects, designers and students, can enter for a chance to receive a one-of-a-kind collaboration opportunity with Glen-Gery to become an honorary member of its R&D Team. The chosen recipients of the program will have the chance to visit the company's Mid-Atlantic factory in Pennsylvania where they will work with Glen-Gery to create a unique brick shape of their own design. This customized brick can then serve as the centerpiece for conceptual building project renderings or sketches.

"The latest edition of Materiality showcases the multifaceted role of brick beyond its function as a mere building block. Rather, it can become a catalyst for spaces that nurture creativity and enhance learning experiences. Introducing our first-ever architect collaboration program alongside the launch of Materiality underscores Glen-Gery's commitment to educating and empowering the next generation of architects and designers," said Leese.

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