Laminators Incorporated presents AdaptaClad™ RS, a new shop-fabricated rainscreen wall system designed to provide significant time and labor savings to fabricators and installers.

AdaptaClad RS is a weather-resistant exterior wall cladding panel system that combines a modern reveal-joint aesthetic with drained and back ventilated rainscreen performance. It can be installed over a variety of substrates and on projects requiring Continuous Insulation (CI), such as our Omega CI® rigid insulation panels (figure 3) or third-party CI solutions.

This new rainscreen system features an open dry joint design characterized by a deep reveal terminated with an insert strip which is installed without the use of caulks or adhesives. The simple-hang installation requires a mechanical attachment on only two sides of the panel module and utilizes continuous perimeter extrusions that provide versatility on the stiffener and clip locations. Its built-in adaptability makes it possible to install over almost any building substrate.

The following tests were performed on the ACM panel wall system—NFPA 285 (Fire Performance); AAMA 509 (Drainage & Ventilation); ASTM E283 (Rate of Air Leakage); ASTM E331 (Water Penetration); and ASTM E330 (Structural Performance).

AdaptaClad RS is an economical baseline system design for typical projects requiring up to 30 psf (ASD) wind loads; however, it can easily adapt to higher wind load requirements.

Close-up of a blue plastic strip

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Along with the launch of their new system, Laminators Inc. unveils an addition to their Omega-Lite® product line called Omega-Lite® FR, a new fire-resistant ACM panel. Omega-Lite FR consists of a corrugated thermoplastic core with a fire-resistant additive bonded to a finished aluminum sheet on one face and a protective mill finished sheet of aluminum on the other.  With a multitude of standard colors and various finishes, the design options are endless; they also offer custom colors to match your exact specifications. Omega-Lite FR provides a decorative, strong, durable surface finish for exterior wall surfaces and is non-absorbent, water-resistant, and easy to maintain.

The new AdaptaClad RS system offers many benefits over other industry rainscreen systems, including—minimized overall material costs, shop fabrication labor, and field installation labor.

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