Polyglass U.S.A., Inc., a leading manufacturer of building envelope and waterproofing solutions, unveils its latest breakthrough product – PolyVap SA S. Engineered for superior performance in commercial low-slope roofing applications, PolyVap SA S sets a new standard with its exceptional dual-functionality as a high-performance air and vapor barrier.  

PolyVap SA S features a high-strength polypropylene sheet with an aggressive acrylic based adhesive on the bottom, ensuring a bond with most substrates. This carrierless membrane is surfaced with a slip-resistant top surface to enhance walkability and can serve as a temporary roof for up to 180 days. 

Key Applications:

·        Air/vapor barrier in low-slope roofing applications 

·        Temporary roof for up to 180 days 

·        Ideal for use on steel, OSB, plywood, gypsum, and thermal boards 


PolyVap SA S serves dual purpose as an air/vapor barrier and a temporary roof. Its top surface is compatible with approved coverboards and Polytherm insulation, allowing for mechanical attachment or adhesion with Polyglass LRF CR (low-rise foam) adhesive. 

Performance Highlights:

·        Versatile dual-use air/vapor barrier and temporary roof membrane 

·        Up to 180 exposure 

·        Impermeable to air, moisture, and water 

·        Aggressive self-adhesive for exceptional wind uplift performance 

·        Direct to metal deck application – no primer required 

·        Weather install temperatures from 20oF and rising 

·        Qualifies for a Roof System Warranty (RSW) when installed with an approved Polyglass assembly 


Polyglass is available to answer any questions about any of our roofing or waterproofing solutions.  For detailed information on PolyVap SA S, including specific data sheets and additional details, please visit our website at https://polyglass.us/product/polyvap-sa-s/