Constricted spaces shouldn’t mean restricted insulation. The demand for better-performing, more sustainable insulation is at an all-time high, especially in space-constrained construction assemblies.  Plazamate™ XR gives designers and builders maximum Styrofoam™ Brand insulation performance with minimum thickness. 


Features and Benefits of DuPont™ Styrofoam™ Brand Plazamate™ XR

• Ideal solution for space-constrained construction assemblies 

• 30% more insulating power in every board foot than standard XPS

• Highest thermal resistance value among extruded foam board insulations at R6.7 per inch

• Quick and easy to install, which can reduce labor and installation time

• Thinner layers satisfy the design R-values, resulting in shipping and handling savings

• Recyclable, reusable, moisture-resistant and durable