WeatherLok Metal Roofing was named a 2024 Experts’ Choice Innovative Product Awards winner at the recent International Roofing Expo in Las Vegas.

“This award proves what we’ve known all along,” says Peter Northcott, President of WeatherLok. “We have an innovative metal roofing system that is easy to install and offers end-users a durable, long-lasting and attractive solution to their roofing needs. This comes at a time when we’ve recently amped up our production and are seeking out distributors looking to be a part of our growing company.” 

WeatherLok Metal Roofing won the Experts’ Choice Award for its stone-coated metal roofing shingle. The Experts’ Choice award winners were selected by a panel of IRE360 editors and industry experts. The winners stood out from the competition in their ability to boost performance or sales, increase customer salinification or worker safety, and/or set a new industry standard in the field. 

In reference to the WeatherLok shingles, judges said: “This is going to be great for hail, wind, fire and ice. It has no exposed screws, which is a huge benefit. And it has an easy interlocking system, which will really help out the labor install. From a cost point and the lack of possible leaks from exposed fasteners, this one looks like a winner.”

The awards program, powered by the International Roofing Expo is an industry recognition program that celebrates cutting-edge solutions that are available in the roofing and exteriors industry.