The self-storage sector across the nation has been growing for years. More than a fifth (21 percent) of Americans currently use self-storage, and another 15% say they intend to do so in the future. The industry continues to attract investors more than any other real estate sector.

Consumer spending makes up around 70 percent of the American GDP. Americans are spending more on goods than ever before, which contributes to the growing demand for self-storage facilities. According to StorageCafe, an online platform that provides storage unit listings across the nation, 40 percent of current storage users cite not having enough space at home as the main reason for using self-storage. This is a sharp increase from 33 percent the year prior.

Central Florida is a strong example of a region with a growing self-storage market. Behind not having enough space at home, moving was cited by 34 percent of current storage users as the reason for using self-storage – and it’s estimated that more than 1,500 people move to Orlando every week. Internet searches for storage units in Orlando increased 244 percent from 2019 to 2022.

As people accrue more items and move into the Central Florida area, self-storage becomes increasingly important. 

When designing a new Life Storage self-storage facility in Orlando, insulated metal panels (IMPs) were a strong choice for the building envelope.

One benefit of IMPs for this project is their thermal efficiency. Kingspan’s KS line of panels utilizes its QuadCore® Technology. QuadCore is Kingspan’s next generation of self-blended hybrid insulation core and is one of the most thermally efficient insulation cores on the market. This thermal efficiency is important for climate-controlled storage units like this to maintain constant temperatures and reduce heating and cooling costs for the facility.

Approval from local governments for construction of self-storage facilities can be tough to obtain, as these facilities create minimal jobs and typically lack unique design aesthetics. Because of this, the need for an elevated aesthetic design was also top of mind. IMPs can be used in both horizontal and vertical applications, and they are available in a wide range of textures and finishes. Colors can be easily replicated to match a brand’s design goals. 

Architect Romero Trumpp & Farmer Architects, Inc. used 25,000 square feet of Kingspan’s KS Azteco and KS Mini Wave panels in construction. KS Azteco panels feature an embossed texture, and KS Mini Wave panels provide a unique wave appearance. Custom gray and blue panels were chosen to complement Life Storage’s identity and increase the building’s visual appearance.

Requiring only one installer, EKM Construction, IMPs also created a weathertight building envelope in reduced time and allowed for faster dry in.