The Garland Company, Inc. (Garland), a full-service roofing manufacturer and building envelope solution provider based in Cleveland, Ohio, announced the industry’s first premier heat shield protection, StrataMax, a nano-tech elastomeric coating designed with environmental stewardship in mind.

StrataMax is an innovative elastomeric roof coating combining nano-technology and urethane chemistry that performs as a heat shield protecting asphaltic-modified bitumen surfaces from UV degradation and infrared radiation. The nano-technology used in StrataMax replaces commonly-used titanium dioxide and reduces the temperature of the underlying roofing materials by as much as 8% compared to traditional roof coatings.

StrataMax helps protect the roof surface from thermal shock, the expansion and contraction of roofing materials as they rapidly heat up and cool down. This innovative nano-tech elastomeric coating is engineered to be flexible, allowing it to flex with the roof’s movement. The resilient coating protects the substrate beneath and extends the life of the roof.

Garland’s Senior Scientist, Jason Smith, explained the inspiration for this new product came as a reaction to “the European Commission banning titanium dioxide/Ti02 as a food additive with the intention of banning titanium dioxide in other products. We knew it would only be a matter of time before other countries, such as the United States and Canada, adopted this trend. In an effort to be proactive, StrataMax, a coating that replaces titanium dioxide with nano-spheres, was invented.”

StrataMax is 28% lighter than typical elastomeric coatings, which equates to 5-gallon pails being about 15 lbs. lighter. “The breakthrough technology, nano-spheres, in StrataMax reduces the weight of the product, reducing shipping costs and improving labor productivity.” Noted Garland’s Roofing Division Vice President and General Manager, Brett Wygal. “Combined with the low odor of StrataMax, this nano-tech elastomeric coating is both ergonomically and environmentally friendly.”

StrataMax is VOC-compliant in every region. The product contains a proprietary, specifically engineered biocide package that inhibits mold, fungi, algae, and bacteria formation and growth on the coating’s surface. This biocide package helps the coating surface stay cleaner, reducing the effects of solar heat gain and damage by not allowing mold, fungi, or algae to attach to the coating.

Wygal said, “We are proud to lead the industry in coating innovation. With StrataMax, we are allowing our customers to protect their building with a heat shield that is UV resistant while being environmentally responsible, strong, and durable.”