Roof Hugger has relaunched its website to help customers more easily navigate the site. The new site is at

The new site is mobile friendly and features easy-to-use drop-down menus reorganized for more intuitive navigation. The Roof Hugger team has grouped its files of numerous downloadable CAD/PDF details, to make them easier to identify and select. The site includes the Roof Hugger design/installation guide plus editable product specifications. Roof Hugger case studies, with photos, show step-by-step project progress and articles recommending the best uses for roof retrofitting.

“We’ve been working on this new site for quite some time and we’re excited it’s gone live,” says D.J. Highnote, Executive Vice President at Roof Hugger. “Visitors can easily find everything from the basics about our products to requesting a quote for an order. It’s all there.”

This is a comprehensive resource for metal-over-metal retrofits with a wealth of information and tips for owners, contractors and specifiers.

Visit the new site at