Nothing has a more visual impact on a space than an impressive aquarium.

This trend to water features including aquariums enhances any design aesthetic and garners an awe inspired reaction from adults and children alike.

As companies attempt to draw employees and customers back into commercial and retail spaces, we are seeing more of this design trend, bringing the beauty of our oceans and the natural beauty of the great outdoors into these, at times, uninspired spaces. 

Notably, Leftbank Art, a company dedicated to artists that design and create art for hospitality and retail spaces, located in La Mirada, Calif., recently installed an impressive Aquarium at their headquarters.

ASI- American Sealants, Inc., a company specializing in acrylic and glass supply, installation and maintenance for animal exhibits, pools, and fountains, provided and installed the three acrylic windows for this impressive aquarium tank installation with a viewing space dimension for each panel being 197”x 70” with a wall panel thickness of 4.5”. The approximate weight for each panel is a whopping 3000 lbs. In addition to the installation, ASI expertly sealed and waterproofed the tank that now houses many species of aquatic life, including sharks. 

Aquariums have long been viewed as a luxurious feature only afforded by the wealthy. Such an investment requires great attention to the details of the space in which it will be installed and the dimensions of the tank in relation to the thickness of its glass or acrylic walls.

Acrylic tanks must have a foundation or stand that is sufficiently engineered to prevent costly structural failures down the line. Therefore, the placement of such features must be carefully considered. 

Large acrylic aquarium installations have little to no concern of distortion or transparency issues as acrylic will maintain a clear and undistorted view even while using thicker walled panels. The thickness of the acrylic will vary based on the water column of the design.

Acrylic aquariums can be more expensive than glass ones due to their enduring strength and durability; but Acrylic will give tank designers much more design freedom and shapes to offer their clients. 

Other key considerations in the design process are the unique theming decor that you will put in the tank to complement the aquatic life in both function and aesthetic. To that end, the number of fish must also be calculated to not over crowd the space.

Once the calculations have been finetuned and checked over by a professional such as ASI, the scope of these projects is virtually unlimited.

Across the globe, the use of clear enclosures of pools at luxury resorts and homes is being implemented in incredibly tasteful and creative ways. 

Creating large and impressive clear walls where swimmers and aquatic life can be viewed from their dry and safe viewing points has become something we readily see and have come to expect in certain environments.

Bringing those features into work and retail spaces has a very specific effect on those who work and shop in such an inspiring atmosphere.

These inviting, calming water features and the mesmerizing, colorful aquatic life that will live within, will undoubtedly create the desirable work environment necessary to coax the most resistant workers back to the office. Who wouldn't want to admire the iridescent koi, swimming amongst the lily pads in their darkened pools, while sipping on their afternoon coffee.

The inclusion of such features would be welcomed in any medical environment or hospital where patients and staff would benefit greatly from the calming and anxiety-reducing sounds of the bubbling, flowing water, and the visual feast within.

In short, the investment will be outweighed by the incredibly positive and aesthetically beautiful environment that, if done correctly and maintained consistently, will last, and be enjoyed for many years to come.