All Weather Insulated Panels (AWIP) has implemented three initiatives aimed at enhancing its environmental responsibility efforts: the release of Global Warming Potential (GWP) data sheets, a LEED v4 and 4.1 support guide and the launch of an updated sustainability web page.

AWIP’s sustainability initiatives support its Planet Passionate efforts, a 10-year global sustainability program dedicated to driving energy and carbon out of its business operations and supply chain.

“Sustainability has always been a key aspect of our efforts to make a positive impact on the environment and contribute to a more sustainable future,” said Charles Schafer, AWIP Director, Marketing & Sustainability. “Our new sustainability initiatives reinforce those efforts and support our overall Planet Passionate goals.”

In accordance with AWIP’s dedication to transparency and reducing its carbon footprint, GWP information has been added to the data sheets for all pertinent products. This enhances the company’s already-comprehensive data sheets and will allow stakeholders to make better informed decisions based on a product’s environmental offerings.

Recognizing the use of LEED certification, AWIP has developed a comprehensive guide to assist project teams and professionals in achieving LEED v4 and 4.1 certification. The guide outlines the sustainable features and attributes of AWIP products, facilitating the incorporation of environmentally friendly materials into construction projects. The guide can be accessed in AWIP’s literature section as part of its online resource library. 

Additionally, AWIP’s refreshed sustainability page on its website serves as a new central location to showcase the company’s sustainability initiatives. 

“Part of transparency is making it easier to find information. This update is a step in the direction that we look to further enhance in the future,” said Schafer. “The webpage includes a link to access AWIP’s latest sustainability CEU courses along with a summary of the company’s approach to sustainability."

For more information on AWIP’s sustainability efforts as part of its Planet Passionate goals, click here.