Tarco announces LeakBarrier BG700 modified bituminous membrane for waterproofing applications. BG700 has a nominal thickness of 60 mils (1.5 mm) including two layers of waterproofing protection: (1) an SBS-modified bituminous layer, and (2) a high-strength, cross-laminated, high density polyethylene film layer.

The facer has exceptional tear resistance and waterproofing characteristics, while the specially formulated rubberized asphalt compound yields a pliable sheet that self-seals around fasteners and will not crack or dry.  The surface film is compatible with most construction sealants. This self-adhering, self-sealing, waterproofing membrane adheres well to concrete, plywood, OSB, metal, wood, vinyl, masonry, certain rigid insulations and insulated concrete forms (ICF) as well as a wide range of other substrates.

Not Only for Below Grade

BG700 is suitable for “below grade” waterproofing applications as well as other waterproofing applications such as the following:

  • Under siding, exterior plaster or wall flashing.
  • Vertical and horizontal waterproofing of foundation walls, tunnels, and earth shelters.
  • Plaza decks, balconies, terraces, and planters.
  • Wherever there is a need to resist hydrostatic pressure.
  • Strips can be used to patch cracks and repair leaks.
  • Interior applications in “wet areas” (such as utility rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens).

“A major advantage of using a self-adhering waterproofing membrane has to do with labor savings and ease of application,” says Josh Bailey, Business Manager for the Building Envelope, Tarco. “The peel-and-stick feature results in labor savings and cost savings compared to other methods of waterproofing.”

LeakBarrier BG700 waterproofing membrane ensures a uniform layer of waterproofing extends across the entire surface. When using liquid applied waterproofing, the thickness may vary depending on the skill of the contractor. Some areas may be several mils too thick, adding waste and cost, while others may be too thin, leaving the structure vulnerable to moisture intrusion.

A Winning Formula

Standardized tests demonstrate equivalent or superior elongation, crack cycling, tensile strength, peel strength, lap adhesion and puncture resistance. “There is zero tolerance for design failures at the foundation of residential and commercial buildings or infrastructure,” says Bailey. “Once installed, below grade applications can be difficult and costly to access. 

Therefore, the highest quality building materials are typically selected for waterproofing solutions.” Other mechanical properties that can be tested according to ASTM standards are pliability and hydrostatic head. Table 1 shows typical values of all these properties.

Tarco’s BG700 premium waterproofing membrane is an important addition to the LeakBarrier product portfolio. You can call or email Tarco directly with questions about waterproofing or visit www.tarcoroofing.com for additional product information and online resources.