The Trap-Tee symmetrical metal roofing system is a site-formed, mechanically seamed system, measuring 2-3/4-inches tall. Trap-Tee is designed to resolve the three major shortcomings of trapezoidal standing seam roof systems: leaking end laps, low wind-uplift capability and difficult to repair. Site forming eliminates end laps vulnerable to leaking over time. 

The oversized seam and special clips dramatically increase wind uplift capacity and the symmetrical design allows for easy repair or alteration after the roof is installed. Standard clips are 16-gauge and 8 inches long, while Super Clips are 16 gauge and 16 inches long. Offered with Sherwin-Williams PVDF Fluropon coating, the Trap-Tee has a life expectancy approaching 60 years, allowing for the ability to add curbs, vents, single-panel replacement and even building additions. 

Rectangular metal buildings and tilt-up warehousing are the best candidates for the Trap-Tee panel, in both remove and replace as well as recover projects.

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