Hypersteel cold-formed buildings have arrived, and they’re the fastest route to superior metal buildings. This exciting new product is designed to offer fast, affordable, durable and long-lasting solutions for a wide variety of metal building applications across the United States. 

With Hypersteel cold-formed buildings, the old compromise of selecting either premium materials or speedy delivery and construction is outdated. They're made with cold-formed primary and secondary structural members that are designed to be lightweight, durable, easy to erect and readily available. 

The buildings also offer superior strength-to-weight ratio and longevity compared to other alternatives, making them ideal for workshops, agricultural buildings, self-storage facilities and barndominiums, among many other applications. 

“Our Hypersteel products set a new standard for the industry by offering a unique combination of efficiency and reliability,” says Matt Ackley, President, Shelter Solutions, Cornerstone Building Brands. “We wanted to create something that’s perfect for fast, low-complexity projects, and the best part is that Hypersteel buildings are relatively easy to assemble, even for those with minimal building experience.”

Hypersteel cold-formed buildings are produced nationwide and supported by the largest coast-to-coast supply network in the industry. What’s more, each building qualifies for fantastic watertightness, finish and product warranties for additional peace of mind.

It’s available for purchase on Cornerstone Building Brands user-friendly design and ordering software through trusted brands like Metal Depots, Heritage Building Systems and Reed’s Metals. For more information, visit: hypersteel.com