Join us on August 8th at 2pm EST for a FREE webinar. Benjamin Meyer, the Building Enclosure Business Director with Siplast and Jennifer Keegan, the Director of Building & Roofing Science for Siplast will be presenting the webinar "Designing Walls for Control of Air, Water, Thermal, and Vapor." Ben and Jennifer joined us to briefly talk about the webinar that they’ll be presenting on behalf of the Air Barrier Association of America (ABAA).

Listen in as they discuss why requirements matter when it comes to managing moisture, air, vapor, and thermal continuity. They give a sneak peek into what they’ll be going over during the webinar including building and energy code changes and how these affect interactions across enclosure systems.

ABAA is a great source of knowledge in the industry. Ben and Jennifer discuss what resources the ABAA provides for architects. Be sure to listen in as they both talk about else we can expect to learn about in the Aug 8 webinar and why is it important for building industry professionals to attend.

You can register for this FREE webinar and more at We look forward to seeing you all on August 8th!