Grad™ Concept USA and Tantimber USA today jointly announced the introduction of a custom attachment system for Tantimber’s range of ThermoWood® decking and cladding products.

The new system, custom-built upon Grad’s proprietary rail fasteners, enables Tantimber customers to save on time and overall installation costs.

"The Grad rail fastener system is a game-changer for installers everywhere,” Mehmet Zenginler, managing partner at Tantimber USA, said. “This innovative hidden fastener not only saves time and money on installation but also complements our product durability that will last for years.” 

Sourced from FSC®-and PFEC™-certified forests, Tantimber decking and cladding products are produced using the innovative Thermowood manufacturing process, transforming the timber into stable and durable finished wood products standing up to the most extreme environments.  Tantimber products meet International Thermowood Association standards from a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Turkey and are distributed through a premier list of wood distributors throughout the U.S.

The Grad system, introduced to the US market in 2020, includes an award-winning attachment solution for cladding, perfect for rainscreen applications. Grad’s attachment components are virtually maintenance-free, offering maximum resistance to rot and promoting greater ventilation to help prevent cupping better.

Other Grad solutions are for floating decks using EPDM/TPO-friendly PP decking pedestals, which meet ASTM D1929 and D635 standards, and non-combustible aluminum rails. These provide a stable, durable, and stiff infrastructure for attachment. At the same time, the polyoxymethylene fasteners (which are not exposed to direct UV light) offer strength and flexibility and allow boards to be removed to allow constant access to the subdeck.  

“We’re excited to partner with Tantimber on this custom attachment system,” Grad USA CEO Gwladys Petit said. “As Grad gains traction in the US, we look forward to expanding our reach by working with other forward-thinking, sustainable products manufacturers who meet the needs of the market.”