This episode of Building Enclosure Experts has some awesome enclosure experts with us today to talk about some of the most common questions we get involving the building enclosure. Matthew Farmer, Principal for Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, and Will Babbington, Principal and Façade Design Director for Studio NYL’s Skins Group, both sat down with Jill Bloom, BE’s Group Publisher to go over some of these questions and more. 

Matthew has concentrated his practice in the area of building enclosure systems engineering, design, investigation, analysis, and repair. He is frequently asked to consult on the design of specialized exterior wall cladding systems and as an expert witness for construction-related litigation. 

Will's passion lies in the leveraging of both high- and low-tech methods to merge high performance and high design. As both an architect and an engineer, he has designed, realized, written, and presented award-winning and high performance building enclosures on local, national, and international levels.  

They’re both here today to discuss the top questions we always get when it comes to the building enclosure. Listen in to hear Matthew and Will discuss:

  1. The most common building enclosure failures.
  2. What the ‘perfect wall’ looks like.
  3. The most important codes everyone should know about.
  4. Exciting things coming up for building envelope trends.