WINCO Window Company,  now offers a complete line of FEMA-rated window products.  The company is one of the few manufacturers to provide Low-E and tilt capabilities on its storm products to enhance the aesthetics of the overall project. 

WINCO has window styles and sizes that will provide occupant safety according to the standards set by FEMA P-361, the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s third edition of Safe Rooms for Tornadoes and Hurricanes, as well as for ICC 500 -14 certification, as specified by the ICC and National Storm Shelter Association (NSSA) joint project to design facilities for use as emergency shelters.

“Occupant safety is the number one objective, first and foremost, according to FEMA’s safe shelter standards,” says Kurtis Suellentrop, vice president at WINCO. “Our storm-rated windows are tested to be safe under nature’s worst conditions.  WINCO products can be found in public safety buildings and emergency centers across the US.”

WINCO’s storm-rated windows are ideal for schools, safe rooms, and 911 centers that are used as storm shelters. When the power goes out during a storm, the natural light afforded by protective windows can be critical. And, unlike rolling storm shutters, WINCO’s FEMA windows are always in protection mode.

WINCO is one of the early pioneers in developing and impact testing windows against tornado conditions. The company’s tornado-rated windows are designed to withstand 250-mph winds with flying debris impact testing for a tornado using a 15-pound 2x4 traveling at 100 mph. WINCO’s FEMA windows have been selected for emergency centers throughout Tornado Alley, the highest-risk area in the U.S. for some of nature’s most violent storms.

WINCO is also a leading supplier of windows that are resistant to wind and debris damage from hurricanes. In addition, all WINCO storm-rated windows use Tremco Spectrem® 2 Silicone Sealant and Tremco 440 Tape to protect against water infiltration.

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