Whether oriented vertically or horizontally, the 8010 Adjustable Series Single Blade Sunshade System from CRL, the leading full-service provider of architectural metals, glass fittings and professional-grade glazing supplies, maximizes both design and solar-radiation mitigation for building exteriors. Two blade profiles, airfoil and rectangular, and customizable configurations provide unique design options to architects. 

Key to the system’s performance is the ability to adjust the shade’s blade to minute degrees—from 0° to -35° in 5° intervals—adjusted to the building’s precise sun exposure angle using specialized brackets. The result is a sunshade system tailored to a building’s specific geographical location, alleviating interior cooling loads and improving energy efficiency.

The CRL 8010 Series Single Blade Sunshade was recently honored with a Product Award for Best Framing System or Component in the glass industry from Glass Magazine. Delivering exceptional design flexibility to architects for managing sun exposure, the 8010 Series Single Blade Sunshade stands out for both design and functionality. 

“The powerful combination of aesthetics and performance makes the 8010 Adjustable Sunshade System stand apart from all others,” said Barbara Haaksma, Senior Vice President of Marketing at CRL. “Architects can be confident in the performance of the 8010 Sunshade, and also appreciate the outstanding design options we’re providing.” 

 Key features include:

  • 12-inch blade depth
  • Reduces dependency on cooling systems
  • Vertical or horizontal mounting
  • Splice joints available for long spans
  • Storefront or curtain wall frame attachment
  • Tested for wind, snow and dead loads
  • Qualifies for LEED credit
  • Airfoil and rectangular blade options
  • Custom powder or Kynar paint finishes available


For more information, visit 8010 Adjustable Series Single Blade Sunshade.