Knight Wall Systems announced it now offers custom parts and fabrication manufactured to order from its Eastern Washington production facility and shipped nationwide, according to company President Doug Knight.

“Unlike many other rainscreen suppliers, Knight Wall Systems has the ability and capacity to make custom profiles and brackets in-house,” Knight said. “We offer custom parts and fabrication to provide market-driven solutions for complex projects of all types.”

 Knight’s unique product-fabrication capabilities enable the accommodation of deeper wall assemblies and unique geometry on building facades. Custom parts can also be a solution to strengthen a façade support system to accommodate an even wider array of panel types and finishes.
 The company can design and fabricate a completely custom profile or simply modify an existing standard profile to meet a project’s specific needs, which is the most common and in-demand application. In certain circumstances, custom parts can help achieve a look or solve a problem at a lower cost versus attempting to “build-out” a wall using multiple standard parts. And all Knight custom parts can be incorporated into the company’s engineered design so they can be covered under Knight’s 10-year limited warranty.
 Knight Wall Systems’ custom parts and fabrication:
 ·       Can be specified as standalone components only or in a fully engineered system, including fasteners and 10-year warranty
 ·       Can be fabricated with corrosion-resistant, ZAM-coated 18-gauge, 16-gauge or 14-gauge steel or stainless steel
 ·       Available in black PVDF-coated for open-joint claddings (18-gauge) or standard mill finish
 ·       Accommodate custom shapes – Z profile / L profile / C profile / hat profile / girts / rails / brackets / clips
 ·       Can be fabricated in custom lengths – 40″ to 120″ – to reduce jobsite cutting and speed-up installation
 ·       Are available in custom depths and widths for most popular standard Knight Wall components
 ·       Come fully punched for easy installation and proper rainscreen drainage (or no punches, depending upon the project)
 ·       Require only a four-week lead time for most shapes
 ·       Are shipped in reinforced wood crates