ATAS International has added Omawall PL with EVO™, a new aluminum plate system, which joins their ever-expanding concealed fastener wall panel product offering. 

Omawall PL with EVO™ is an architectural plate panel, manufactured in .10 thick aluminum, is a great choice for high-end applications, and is made fully of non-combustible materials.  EVO™ is a patented panel extrusion attachment developed by Carter Architectural.  Panels are prefabricated and field-cut, saving on installation time and costs by avoiding field-fabrication.  It installs quickly and easily in horizontal or vertical orientation with a dry joint design incorporating metal splines to create the reveal appearance. The standard module sizes are 26” x 26” and 16” x 96”, however, custom sizes are available.  The depth of the panel is 1-3/4” and the reveal measures 9/16”.  This panel is ideal for all types of commercial, educational, and healthcare buildings, as well as multi-family residential and mixed-use buildings.  Omawall PL is available in over 40 standard colors, including the new series of matte colors, and in custom colors.  For small orders, ATAS has the capability of post-painting the panels at a cost far less than prepainting an entire coil, which ensures meeting a building’s design intent without breaking the budget.   

This new panel is AAMA 508-07 compliant, which is a voluntary test method and specification for pressure equalized rainscreen wall cladding.  It has successfully undergone other performance testing, including AAMA 501.1-15 (dynamic), ASTM E1233 (modified), ASTM E283, ASTM E330, and ASTM E331.   

Omawall PL has been fully tested in an NFPA 285 test assembly.  Fire safety is of great concern to building owners and municipalities, particularly due to high-rise construction and close proximity of buildings within cities.  Using this plate system as part of a wall assembly will assist with fire spreading concerns in drained/back ventilated rainscreen designs.                                           

Jim Bush, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, stated, “ATAS has long offered a wide variety of wall panel options, including single skin concealed and exposed fastener panels, metal composite material (MCM) panels, and insulated metal panels (IMPs).  By adding Omawall PL, it further expands the choices of wall cladding, and can be incorporated into a building’s façade along with many of our other products. ATAS’ color consistency and product quality will contribute to the overall aesthetics and performance long into the life of the building.”