Architecture and design firm //3877 announced that Interior Designer Emily Perry and Architect Adriana Urbistondo Pérez have joined the growing firm. As the latest Collaborators to come aboard the Washington, D.C.-based practice, Emily and Adriana will bring fresh perspectives to //3877’s expanding portfolio of hospitality and residential projects.

“We’re excited that Emily and Adriana are joining our team of Collaborators this spring,” says David Shove-Brown, partner at //3877. “We feel confident that the addition of Emily and Adriana will continue to strengthen and diversify our firm’s perspective and inspire new ideas for the built environment, while adding to our vibrant company culture.”

With five years of experience in interior design and project management in the hospitality industry, Emily Perry is eager to lend her expertise to the firm’s restaurant design projects. With a solution-oriented and team-player attitude, Emily looks forward to collaborating with //3877 staffers and clients to produce high-level, impactful designs in the hospitality sector. Emily brings valuable know-how to //3877 and prides herself on creating spaces that have a thoughtful narrative — she has worked on projects spanning from hotel lobbies and guestrooms to multi-family amenity and unit spaces and residences.

“I was drawn to //3877 for the company culture: an environment that encourages creative freedom and out-of-the-box approaches to each project,” says Emily. “//3877 grants creative freedom that empowers everyone on the team to think beyond traditional design realms, pushing the boundaries of the built environment and the human experience.”

Adriana Urbistondo Pérez is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley where she earned a Master of Architecture degree. She joins //3877 with five years of experience designing single-family and multi-family residences, including her latest project, an 80-unit, eight-story dormitory building. Adriana pursued a career in architecture for the diverse and ever-evolving nature of the industry; she tackles each project with enthusiasm and authenticity.

“I was originally drawn to //3877 for the variety of project types and after learning more about the firm, I knew the team’s hands-on, immersive approach to design would be a great fit for me,” says Adriana. “The team’s energy is palpable––their dynamic, collaborative nature is reflected in the quality of the firm’s project portfolio.” 

With the latest expansion of its team, //3877 continues to foster an environment that promotes company morale and engagement, empowering employees to approach each project through a creative, insightful lens. Most recently, the firm implemented title changes for employees, swapping monikers like ‘Designer,’ and ‘Associate’ in favor of ‘Collaborator’ and ‘Pioneer.’ The titles not only represent the lively company culture, but also better captures the full scope of work and dedication each team member commits to within their roles.

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