If you’ve ever built a masterpiece out of Legos, you know it always begins with a single block. 

X-MAT® is on a mission to build its own masterpiece out of a surprising material that will revolutionize the construction industry. The company is in the process of creating a building made entirely from coal-based materials – From the structural columns to walls to roof tiles. 

This dream is quickly becoming a reality with the recent development of a partial wall made up of building components created entirely from coal mixed with X-MAT®’s propriety resin. This wall represents what’s to come for the future coal building. Its coal-derived materials are extremely strong, non-toxic, fire resistant and lightweight, making them a better, safer alternative to their traditional counterparts. 

“X-MAT® is coal reimagined,” said Bill Easter, Founder of X-MAT®. “Our team is turning an under-valued material into a treasure that will support sustainable living. Our research and development will result in quality, safer buildings for people and job creation for the coal and construction industries while also sequestering large amounts of CO2.” 

To help achieve its goal, the Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) awarded X-MAT® a $625K grant to design and plan a building made primarily out of coal-derived components. In the next phase of development X-MAT will build a larger demonstration building showcasing and integrating their building materials alongside other existing coal-to-product technologies.

To learn more about X-MAT®, visit https://www.x-matccc.com