A leading supplier of cold-formed steel framing products and accessories, ClarkDietrich has launched a new interactive educational lunch-and-learn series called “Conversations With ClarkDietrich.” The series was kicked off with an event on October 15 at Dallas-based MAREK Design Studio and was focused on head-of-wall framing solutions.


“The performance of the connections holding all framing elements together is critically important, especially in coastal and high-seismic zones where structures face greater risk of movement, stress and loading from natural events like earthquakes and high-velocity winds,” said Keith Johnson, Technical Sales Manager, ClarkDietrich. “The ‘Conversations With ClarkDietrich’ event allowed for thoughtful discussion around how to navigate the growing number of assembly methods for head-of-wall, which can often get confusing. Partnering with MAREK added an experienced contractor’s voice to the discourse, which made the event even more impactful.” 

Using four full-scale mock-ups, the recent event focused on the unique features of ClarkDietrich’s head-of-wall solutions including: UltraBEAD; Deep Leg Deflection Track with YurClip; Deep Leg Deflection Track with Fast Top™ Clip; and DoubleTrack™ Deflection Track. Attendees were able to interact with the mock-ups and ask questions about each of the UL-rated assemblies in an open, safely spaced atmosphere.

“Conversations With ClarkDietrich” is aimed at giving architects and specifiers an up-close look at how the company’s products can improve building performance while helping to alleviate issues associated with labor shortages and skills gaps in the field. Not limited to head-of-wall framing, ClarkDietrich hopes to host similar events in the future leveraging the company’s technical expertise across both framing and finishing solutions.

To find out about the next “Conversations With ClarkDietrich” event, contact Janine Dallies at Janine.Dallies@clarkdietrich.com.