At the HALL Arts Residences in Dallas, people have the opportunity to live in a thoughtfully designed 28-story tower with views of award-winning architecture in the Dallas Arts District. The spine of the residential tower is clad in Dri-Design Wall Panels that respond to the project’s artistic vision and create a playful material variation.

“Craig Hall wanted us to design something that contributed to the district through beautiful architecture that gave back to the community,” says Eddie Abeyta, AIA, LEED AP, chief design officer and principal with HKS, Dallas. “This residence gives access to art as a large art component. We wanted to define a place that would celebrate public art and be special for Dallas.”

The design process for such an endeavor involved significant contemplation and input. It was not lost on Abeyta that the design team created a structure that had to be sophisticated and express quality while holding its own to world-renowned icons in the Arts District. For instance, directly across the street is the Wyly Theatre, which has an extruded aluminum rainscreen system with a vertical serpentine nature that creates a shade-and-shadow play of light. The HKS team wanted a similar light-filled balance for HALL Arts Residences but with a terra-cotta rainscreen system. Terra-cotta brought scale challenges and concerns about longevity, maintenance, breakability and budget. Instead, HKS began exploring metal wall panels and looked back at recent Dri-Design installations in Austin, where they liked the experience and finished look. Abeyta turned to contractor Baker Triangle Prefab Ltd., Richardson, Texas, and Dri-Design to determine how custom metal panels could produce the architectural vision.

Baker Triangle installed 36,194 square feet of 0.08-inch Dri-Design Panels in a Bone White color onto unitized wall sections. The unitized panels were manufactured in custom 7-foot width and a variety of standard lengths (12, 18, and 24 feet). For the installation, a custom L-shaped blade bracket was used. The leg of the bracket fastens to the substrate of the panel behind to give variations to the depth of the façade. This system adds rhythm, shadow and the desired play of light. Dri-Design panels bring added value because they are a proper rainscreen system with no tape, sealants or caulk.

Abeyta explains: “It was a great experience because we had used Dri-Design panels in the past, we had a relationship with Baker Triangle, we knew what we could do, and we pushed the envelope by customizing and expanding our capabilities. Overall, this was a very successful endeavor because of our working relationships. Baker Triangle and Dri-Design knew what the expectation was and that every finite detail mattered.”

The HALL Arts Residences is part of a three-building mixed-use project that includes The HALL Arts Hotel and KPMG Office Plaza at HALL Arts and an outdoor HALL Texas Sculpture Walk. All three buildings are pursuing LEED Gold Certification.

“This sophisticated corner in the Dallas Arts District brings not only high-quality living but a great display of the art of architecture,” says Brad Zeeff, president of Dri-Design. “I encourage all design teams and contractors to follow what Eddie and his team did—reach out and work with us to create a customized panel perfectly suited for your project. Every project has the opportunity to be an individualized work of art.”

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