Starting in 2017, Beebe Healthcare undertook an aggressive expansion program for its facilities in southern Delaware to better serve the community’s needs.

This included the construction of a new South Coastal Campus in Millville with a free-standing emergency department and a cancer program offering a variety of treatments to those battling the disease.

At the Lewes campus, renovations focused on the expansion of the West Lobby, more parking and updated patient rooms.

When it came time to give the entrances to these facilities a memorable look, designers turned to Metalwërks for something fresh, modern, and sustainable.    

A Design Signature
Architects at WilmotSanz knew that incorporating aluminum plate panels into the façade of the entrances at both facilities would have a dramatic, eye-catching impact.

At both the South Coastal and Lewes campuses, designers chose Omniplate 1500 panels from Metalwërks for the entrance towers. The panels were fabricated from 0.125-inch solid aluminum. Contractors installed 11,500 square feet of the panels at the South Coastal site and another 7,800 square feet as part of the renovations of the Lewes campus entrance.

As a barrier wall system, Omniplate 1500 serves as the primary weather barrier for the building envelope. The solution delivers outstanding freedom of form, including curves and complex 3D profiles. It also installs with concealed fasteners, allowing for transitions without exposed trim or joints.  

Designers also chose Omniplate 1500 for its strength and durability so that it could more readily withstand wear and tear over time.

A Splash of Color
To create additional visual impact, designers specified Econowall from Metalwërks for the area above the roof level at each entrance tower. Cast in an accent color, the installation served as a visual counterpoint to the towers.

A drained and back ventilated rainscreen cladding system, Econowall comes in a wide range of finishes, profiles, and size options at a competitive value.

Focused on Sustainability
Metalwërks products contribute to LEED certification with systems that do not contain plastics, high VOC, or toxic adhesives. In addition, 99.9% of all scrap from fabrication is recycled. Metal plate systems feature components to improve aesthetics and energy performance in older buildings.

Serving as a primary weather barrier for buildings, the Omniplate 1500 series, used for the Beebe Healthcare project, is manufactured from solid aluminum or stainless plate. This product is 100% recyclable and contains a high percentage of post-consumer and industrial content that can be recycled in an infinite loop.

The newly renovated building utilizing the Omniplate 1500 system is awaiting LEED certification.

Prescription Filled
The Beebe South Coastal Health Campus opened in phases in the spring and summer of 2020.