Tom Harris PUR Consulting LLC has launched the Polyurethane Continuing Education Campus.

“Continued learning is the key to understanding the constantly changing construction landscape,” says company president Tom Harris. “Polyurethane is a critical component of resilient construction. It also continues to dominate the insulation space within the high performance building envelope.”

Short online lectures—usually less than forty-five minutes—are available for a wide range of commercial and residential applications including modular construction, metal buildings, foundations, roofing and many more. Design considerations, building codes, HFC regulations, environmental impact, quality assurance, air barriers, indoor air quality, ventilation, wall assemblies, hybrid concepts and radon mitigation are examples of featured topics. Even the Myths and Misconceptions of spray foam are tackled.

Participants will be asked to sign-in (register) and they will be immediately provided their own, secure, dashboard, from which they can track their courses and download the individual lectures for their own use. The education platform also contains third party reports and technical papers sorted by application to help gain a further understanding of the material.