Working to fulfill the hospital directive to deliver “wow” moments for children of all ages throughout the building, c | a Architects embraced the theme of Light, Color and Energy. The exterior envelope was designed to reflect this theme.

Job Requirements
Extensive wall penetrations, bright and diverse colors and textures, precise alignment of Dri-Design metal panel joints with EIFS reveals, and accommodating California seismic requirements were a few of the challenges the exterior envelope posed. There was also a major project focus on the elaborate interior work needed for this important facility to open on time. Any extra time provided by accelerated exterior wall installation and dry-in would be put to good use.

Smart Solution
Taking stock of the situation, Nevell Group recommended prefabricating the exterior walls. Together with StoPanel producer and design assist partner Kapture Prefab, Nevell simplified exterior wall installation. More than 750 penetrations, for signage, lighting and storm drains, were installed and sealed at the Kapture facility in Phoenix AZ. Panels were designed to accommodate seismic needs, address critical visual alignments, and deliver the intense colors and textures inherent in the design theme. Nevell was able to reduce install time from 6-months to 5-weeks. All of which helped the design-build team deliver for the children of Long Beach.