Surrounded by the rural fields of Quincy, Wash., the new Quincy High School showcases how technology and agriculture merge. One way the team at NAC Architecture, Seattle, accomplished this was by selecting EN-V Metal Wall Panels from Dri-Design because metal is a common building material in the rural landscape.

Spokane, Wash.-based Cobra BEC Inc., now part of Flynn Companies, installed 44,000 square feet of 0.08-inch EN-V Metal Wall Panels in a Slate Gray color. EN-V is a tested, architectural, dry joint, pressure equalized rainscreen system with an uncommonly low price. EN-V has a nearly endless palette of custom colors that allows unique design details to shine.

"Dri-Design saw an opportunity with EN-V to create the system everyone wants at a price they need," said Brad Zeeff, president of Dri-Design. "We reviewed and optimized the manufacturing process with EN-V so we could create true cost savings and restore the meaning of value."

The school has different wings and sectors that mimic a farm’s layout of individual structures. In actuality, the school seamlessly flows via various connections. The base of the school is situated around an open courtyard, and the academic spaces—connected by a second story bridge—flank the courtyard.  The west academic wing houses the general classrooms, science labs, art room, business spaces and computer labs while the east wing contains the agricultural and construction shops.

This wing has outdoor work yard access for any projects that need to be done outside, as well as for easy delivery access. The courtyard also serves as the foyer to the main entrance and auditorium, welcoming students and visitors to the school and connecting the campus to its rural surroundings.

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