The ACE Mentor Program of America, a national nonprofit committed to advancing career opportunities for high school students in fields related to architecture, construction, and engineering, is proud to announce a new partnership with Syracuse University. The University will offer incoming first year students who have completed an ACE program at one of the 77 affiliates across the country, up to $20,000 in renewable annual scholarships.  
Eligible ACE students must have completed the ACE program and qualify for admission to Syracuse. Syracuse University is proud to offer renewable merit scholarships of up to $20,000 per year to selected ACE Mentor students who apply and are admitted to the College of Engineering and Computer Science or the School of Architecture. Students should submit the Common Application to Syracuse and complete this form by Jan. 1, 2021, to be considered for the Syracuse ACE Mentor Scholarships. 
“We are glad to formalize our partnership with Syracuse University and grateful for their commitment to our students,” stated Diana Eidenshink, President of the ACE Mentor Program. “This scholarship will provide access to top level post-secondary students, many of whom may not otherwise have the means to attend. Partnerships like these align directly with the ACE mission and our core values, which include providing support for students after they have completed their time with ACE.”  
J. Cole Smith, Dean of the College of Engineering and Computer Science at Syracuse, says, “I’m thrilled that we can offer these scholarships for students who have participated in the ACE Mentor Program. This is a fantastic opportunity for talented young engineers and architects to be part of our community at Syracuse University. ACE participants have already proven they can be a successful part of team-based engineering and construction projects. We pride ourselves at Syracuse on being a home for all collaborative engineers.”  
“We have been fortunate to have both Syracuse Architecture alumni and current students involved with ACE,” says Michael Speaks, dean of the School of Architecture. “The addition of ACE Mentor Scholarships makes this an even more impactful program and offers opportunities for our students at time when financial support and mentorship are more important than ever. We love ACE and are thrilled to see these scholarships offered at Syracuse University.” 

More information about the scholarships can be found here