When the performance of metal is required but the look of wood is desired, Petersen’s 16 new wood grain colors are ready to dazzle. Petersen’s already vast spectrum of color options now increases to 62 standard choices with the addition of the 70% PVDF wood grain finishes, which are available on PAC-CLAD steel and aluminum wall panels.
The PVDF wood grain patterns will convince the casual observer that metal actually is wood, while delivering the durability of metal. The patterns are nearly indistinguishable from actual wood, and they provide architects and designers with creative flexibility as a finishing touch for any project.
Applications are unlimited and can include education, office, retail, entertainment, sports, recreational and industrial buildings, plus multi-family mixed-use structures and many others. Three wood grain patterns will be stocked in 24 gauge steel (Beechwood, Golden Bamboo and Copper), while the 13 other colors will be available on 24 and 22 gauge steel, plus .032, .040 and .050 aluminum upon request and with extended lead times. Consult Petersen representative for details.
New PAC-CLAD PVDF wood grain standard finishes include: Charwood, Medium Oak, Long Grain Oak, Dark Oak, Sycamore, Red Oak, Copper, Cherrywood Oak, Long Grain Cherry, Golden Maple, Sugar Maple, Siamese Bamboo, Light Oak, Golden Bamboo, Beechwood and Whitewash Oak.
“When it becomes clear there’s unmet demand among PAC-CLAD customers for a particular product or color, Petersen takes action to meet those needs. The addition of these new colors illustrates Petersen’s continued investment in improving the products we offer, while growing in a smart, controlled manner. We want our customers the ability to satisfy all their material needs from one source,” says Mike Petersen, president.
All 62 PAC-CLAD finishes meet Petersen’s proprietary quality control standards and are covered by a 30-year non-prorated finish warranty.