BlazeFrame is an innovative steel framing firestop system. An intumescent strip affixed to steel profiles simultaneously frames and firestops seals  both dynamic and static joints.

The cured intumescent is odor free, effective immediately, and remains unaffected by freezing, wet or humid conditions. BlazeFrame provides joint protection for up to 1” with UL 2079 Class II or III Movement Capabilities. Designs utilizing BlazeFrame assemblies eliminate caulks, sprays, drywall rips, and contour drywall ‘castle’ cuts throughout the joint systems. Our UL (Underwriters Laboratories) classified joint systems provide for positive attachment of wall framing, smaller installed joints, and sound control with no fatigue or degradation.

HOW DOES IT WORK?  The 2mm thickness of cured intumescent material adhered to metal profiles provides air and smoke seals. When exposed to heat above 375 degrees Fahrenheit, the intumescent material expands up to 35 times its size. This provides protection from heat and flame passage during a fire event.

BlazeFrame Advantages

  • UL 2079 Fifth Edition Compliant Systems  
  • Shaft, Single, and Chase Walls
  • Dynamic and Static Joint Protection up to 1"
  • Up to 2 Hour Ratings
  • Lowest Achievable L-Rating (air/smoke leakage)
  • No Fatigue to Joint or Substrate Materials
  • Smaller Installed Joints
  • Reduced Sound Transmission

UL Information

Sound Testing Information