RMJM, the leading global architectural network with over 30 studios worldwide, has announced the launch of a new sector-specific studio. RMJM Facade is the latest team to join RMJM’s Pro network, focusing on building envelope. This studio offers specialised expertise that positions RMJM at the forefront of international design networks.

RMJM Facade is being led by facade-design specialist Thorsten Siller who brings over 20 years of experience across Europe, Asia and North America to the team. The studio acts as a support department for architects and developers from the earliest concept designs through the tender phase and throughout construction. Sustainability is at the core of RMJM Facade’s approach to building envelope design. The facade of a building can determine its overall energy consumption, from the materials used and technologies utilised to the placement of windows relative to the direction of the sun.  RMJM Facade’s holistic design approach ensures that every small detail is considered to produce designs that are as efficient and functional as they are sleek and elegant.

Thorsten explained, “from the point we first pick up a pencil and paper, to the moment the physical building is unveiled, everything we do is based on the human inside the building; we design spaces for people and that is why we have to focus on sustainability.”

In addition to their design support services, RMJM Facade also audits other facade companies and companies involved in the construction supply chain; a reflection of their ethos of the importance of facade design.

Facade design facilitates a link between architects and clients to new technologies and scientific innovations that can significantly impact a building’s longevity. Mistakes in facade design can cost dearly in both time and money. With a dedicated expert facade team, RMJM is ensuring that they continue to deliver outstanding designs at unrivalled speeds.