Sto Corp. released a wide-ranging lineup of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). The EPDs span 12 systems and cover a total of 27 different products.  EPDs, independently verified documents that certify information about a product’s environmental impact, are essential for building professionals seeking credits for LEED v4 and other green building rating systems.

“It’s clear from our product line-up that Sto is committed to sustainability, and there has never been a higher demand for sustainable design than there is right now,” said Kevin Schroeder, Senior Technical Service Representative. “The release of these EPDs will make it much easier for designers to choose the right materials and the right product and system to fit their design goals.” Along with the declarations, a chart cross-referencing the systems and products as well as detail drawings and specifications for the systems with EPD’s are available at 

Sto worked with industry experts in building and sustainability certification to ensure the process of creating the EPDs was seamless. WAP Sustainability Consulting acted as the Life Cycle Assessment professional. The EPDs were then verified by the Epsten Group. All of the EPDs were collected following ISO 14040 & 14025 guidelines.

“We are proud to take a leading role in the EIFS, stucco and air barrier segments by being one of the first manufacturers to make this information available,” said Schroeder. “It really speaks to Sto’s commitment to help create a more sustainable and resilient built environment.”