With the introduction of DESIGNFlex for Formations Acoustical Clouds, Armstrong Ceiling Solutions is offering architects and designers a new angle for incorporating acoustics into their ceiling designs.

DESIGNFlex for Formations Clouds are now available in nine standard DESIGNFlex patterns in a choice of white and made-to-order colors. The clouds are offered in 18 easy-to-order installation kits that create unique geometric cloud visuals without the guesswork.

Excellent Acoustical Performance 

DESIGNFlex for Formations Acoustical Clouds are available in popular Calla, Lyra PB, Ultima, and Optima panels in a variety of geometric shapes and sizes. Acoustical clouds with these panels actually absorb sound from the front and back to help reduce noise in a space.

An online DESIGNFlex Pattern Gallery features all nine patterns available for Formations Acoustical Clouds, along with inspiring color palettes.

Easy to Specify and Install

DESIGNFlex for Formations Acoustical Clouds are easy-to-specify and install with pre-identified installation kits that include all the standard pre-cut components and suspension systems required for cloud installations. Kits are available with either 4" or 6" Axiom Vector (Inverted) Trim, cut to length with factory-mitered corners for crisp edge detailing. All the panels, suspension systems, and trims available for DESIGNFlex for Formations Clouds are part of the Sustain portfolio and meet the most stringent sustainability compliance standards today.

Compatible Lighting Solutions

A unique assortment of integrated linear and shaped lighting solutions from Armstrong’s lighting partners, Axis Geometrix and JLC Tech, are available for DESIGNFlex for Formations Acoustical Clouds. For more information, visit armstrongceilings.com/partners.

For more information about DESIGNFlex for Formations Acoustical Clouds and other products in DESIGNFlex Ceiling Systems, visit armstrongceilings.com/designflex. To view the DESIGNFlex Pattern Gallery, visit armstrongceilings.com/patterngallery. Chat live or call a U.S. based TechLine expert at 1-800-276-7876 if help is needed.