Bentley Systems will be at booth# 8727 at the AIA Conference on Architecture 2019 giving demonstrations on Bentley’s “open” applications.

In keeping with the theme of the AIA’19 conference, Blueprint for a Better Future, Bentley Systems’ experts will discuss and give presentations on the following open applications, which enable better collaboration through digital workflows, enhanced designs, and improved analytics and simulation:

OpenBuildings Designer - a multi-discipline building design application that enables BIM workflows providing information-rich models for the design, analysis, and simulation of buildings. It includes GenerativeComponents for computational design and includes Energy Simulator for building performance evaluation.

OpenBuildings Station Designer - a multi-discipline BIM application specifically for the design and simulation of train stations. It includes all the capabilities of OpenBuildings Designer, plus a station project configuration, functional space definitions, and a catalog of design components for station design. LEGION Model Builder is included to create pedestrian simulation scenarios by defining spaces, activities in spaces and characteristics of people movement.

LEGION Simulator - LEGION Simulator CONNECT Edition is a pedestrian simulation application that generates predictions of people’s step-by-step movements across a wide range of scenarios. It helps to assure that infrastructure is fit for purpose, improves people flow and improves safety.

OpenSite Designer - is an application for civil site design from concept to completion. The application provides complete detailed design capabilities for rapid site modeling and analysis, earthwork optimization and quantification, drainage and underground utility design.