GCP introduced the PREPRUFE 800PA post-applied membrane, a self-adhered waterproofing membrane for basement walls in open excavation. This new product offers many advantages, including aggressive adhesion, superior performance and a fully bonded watertight seal. PREPRUFE 800PA post-applied waterproofing membrane works seamlessly with PREPRUFE pre-applied membranes to create a complete, fully integrated system for below-grade waterproofing.

In below-grade construction there are many challenges when it comes to managing water. Poorly designed or improperly installed waterproofing membranes are critical factors that may allow water to penetrate the foundation. Jobsite conditions, such as dust and water, can compromise the adhesion of the membrane to concrete and prevent a below-grade application from performing as designed. Additionally, cracks in the concrete create a pathway for water to migrate in and around the structure.

To manage these below-grade construction challenges, a robust, high-performing and easily installed waterproofing system is required. For more than 25 years, contractors have relied on GCP Applied Technologies’ PREPRUFE pre-applied waterproofing system as the solution for these complex challenges. More than 650 million square feet of PREPRUFE membrane have been installed in below-grade applications around the world. The system utilizes GCP’s Advanced Bond Technology to create a continuous, integral and permanent adhesive to concrete. The membrane can resist lateral water migration at extremely high pressure, up to 230 feet of hydrostatic head pressure. That is why it has been selected as the solution on the world’s biggest projects, such as the Alaskan Viaduct, the largest bored tunnel on earth.

The PREPRUFE 800PA membrane extends the durability, flexibility and aggressive adhesive of the PREPRUFE brand to post-applied waterproofing. It is composed of a high performing HDPE film for resistance against punctures, and an aggressive, specially formulated, fully synthetic, non-asphaltic adhesive. In addition, the four-foot-wide roll offers enhanced job site productivity and worker efficiency while reducing the amount of critical end laps and detailing work. This light-colored membrane has a contrasting black layer film, highlighting possible membrane damage on site. The PREPRUFE 800PA membrane is also Red List Free (LBC 3.1 compliant).

PREPRUFE 800PA post-applied membrane complements the time-tested portfolio of PREPRUFE pre-applied products.