NanaWall Systems, the pioneer of the opening glass wall category, introduces the WA67—the industry’s only folding glass wall system to mount extruded aluminum cladding to a solid wood core with a spacer bar to secure the materials together. This innovative feature allows for different expansion rates between materials to avoid cracking for durability in any climate.

“With the heat and humidity we get in the South, clad systems where the aluminum and wood touch or are glued together can cause warping since wood and aluminum expand and contract at different rates,” said Kenny Cobb, owner of Architectural Openings. “The WA67’s space between the two materials creates an evaporation chamber for the excess moister to escape and allows the wood to regain equilibrium naturally, so the product lasts much longer than any other wood/clad glass wall. This is the only product in the industry that has this feature. Every detail of it is well thought out and engineered.”

The WA67 is built to withstand any changes in weather due to NanaWall’s proprietary evaporation chamber engineered to allow the wood and aluminum to expand and contract. The extruded aluminum is attached to the wood using the back ventilated, rain screen principle to protect and isolate the cross-grained solid, triple laminated wood on the inside.

An enhanced option is available featuring triple-seals, triple-paned glass and deeper door panels for even higher weather performance that reaches U-value of .18 and a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient of .20 for optimum energy efficiency. Inward or outward opening door panels are also available for more design flexibility. The system can be top hung or floor supported and is life-cycle tested to open and close more than 20,000 times without failure, opening smoothly even in extreme temperatures.

For more information about the new NanaWall WA67, please visit the blog post “A Different Kind of Clad.”