Architects and other commercial roof specifiers can protect and accent flat and low-slope roofs with a new Kemperol cold liquid-applied membrane roofing and waterproofing system which Kemper System America, Inc. will highlight at RCI 2019 in Orlando, Florida, March 16-17, booth #601.

Kemperol 2K-FR is derived from the successful, bright white Kemperol Reflect 2K-FR resin system. Kemperol 2K-FR is fully reinforced and features ‘thru color’: It does not need a color topcoat because the resin is tinted throughout. The one-step installation will be featured in a live demonstration at 11:15 a.m. on March 17th in the product demo area, and at the Kemper System booth several times during the trade show.

Designed for extended life on new or existing low-slope roofs, the Class A fire-rated, odor-free polyurethane resin (PUR) system is now available in Stone Gray or Patina Green.

“The choice of color for low-slope roofs should not just be black or white,” said Jim Arnold, Director of Product Development, Kemper System.

“A Kemperol thru-color membrane roof can lift the overall aesthetics of a building whether some or all of the roof is visible. The color can also provide visual relief on re-roof projects, such as dark built-up roofs that were in place for many years.” he said. Arnold points out that there is no topcoat to chip or flake off, and the one-step application helps hold the line on installation costs.

While white roofs are generally preferred in warmer regions where they can help lower building cooling requirements, the overall energy-saving benefit diminishes and becomes undefined further north, he said. In addition, high reflectivity may not be desirable for certain projects or areas. For example, some roof areas may be in shadow most of the day, and in sunny areas of the roof, glare can be intense on floors immediately above. Reflected glare can also contribute to excess heat build-up, which can make occupants uncomfortable and add to air conditioning costs. Reducing glare can also be especially important for hospitals, schools and offices.

For roof projects that can benefit from a high Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) roofing, Kemper System offers two cool-roof membrane systems – Kemperol Reflect 2K-FR (SRI 110), a PUR, and Kemperol AC Speed (SRI 108), a PMMA. Kemper System also offers two elastomeric-based products which can be brush-, roller- or spray-applied – Roof Guardian RG-180, a fibered white acrylic elastomeric roof (SRI 108), and Roof Guardian RG-170, a white elastomeric coating (SRI 109). 

To learn more, visit RCI booth #601 or contact Kemper System ( at