KINETICWALL Dynamic Façade system from Exterior Technologies Inc. (EXTECH) adds movement to building enclosures and wall systems with its flapper-panel design. The panels react to wind currents, creating the look of rolling waves across the wall system. It is structurally designed to withstand hurricane-force winds and torrential rainfall, yet it is light enough to enable easy installation, natural ventilation and visibility from the inside.

EXTECH's KINETICWALL system can be used on both small- and large-scale façades. Popular applications include transit and parking facilities, cultural institutions and artistic installations.

Made of flappers attached to stainless steel rods, the KINETICWALL wall can be specified with square or curved polycarbonate, glass, aluminum or steel flappers, and in different sizes. The metal framing and standard 6-inch flappers may be finished in in a broad choice of finish types and colors, and can be recycled at the end of their useful life in the façade system.
The spacers between the flappers remove the chance for collateral noise. Depending on the choice of flapper material, the KINETICWALL system also manages unwanted solar heat gain inside the building. Coupled with natural ventilation and natural light, the dynamic system can assist in lowering electric and HVAC loads thereby reducing energy use.

Helping buildings operate efficiently and keeping occupants more comfortable with temperature, light, acoustics and views, are attributes recognized by the LEED Green Building System. Reported benefits are noted to contribute to people's productivity, performance, health and happiness.

In addition to supporting occupants' wellbeing and the building's economic and environmental value, the KINETICWALL wall system enhances a façade's aesthetic qualities. This beautification aspect is rewarded in some communities through initiatives such as the Arts in Transit, percent-for-art compliance and the U.S. General Services Administration's Art in Architecture Program.

To learn more about the dynamic, creative possibilities with EXTECH's KINETICWALL system, visit the product webpage.