A white paper about water penetration in hurricane conditions recently was updated by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) Southeast Region. The paper provides information to homeowners, distributors, builders and insurance adjusters regarding water penetration during severe wind-driven rain storms. The white paper originally was released in 2005, and this update is being released at the beginning of this year's hurricane season.

"In the aftermath of tropical storms and hurricanes, questions are often raised concerning wind-driven rain leaking through or around windows, doors and skylights that otherwise remained structurally intact and with little to no apparent damage following these extraordinary events," said Dean Ruark (PGT Innovations), chair of the AAMA Southeast Region Board. "AAMA updated this white paper with information about potential sources of leaks, comments about the importance of proper installation and maintenance, as well as a table with water test pressure ratings and equivalent wind velocities."

It should be noted that water driven by storm surge or flooding is not covered by this document.