Georgia-Pacific Gypsum announces Christine Cronin, M. Arch. and Senior Associate of Building Science Corporation, will speak at AIA A’ 18 on June 21 at 3:30pm in the DensElement™ Barrier System Booth 739 at the Javits Center in Manhattan. Well-versed in commercial and residential design, Ms. Cronin’s insights promote appropriate water control, air control, energy efficiency, constructability, and durability.  

An expert in below-grade water control, she also performs hygrothermal modeling (using WUFI) to assess atypical assemblies in new construction, and to highlight failure mechanisms. Ms. Cronin works to mitigate potential failures in new construction. In existing buildings Ms. Cronin investigates failures related to the design of the building enclosure and mechanical systems as well as material and installation defects.

Ms. Cronin will discuss Joseph Lstiburek’s ASHRAE article “Joints and Corners and Penetrations” – the battle zones for water entry control, provide insight on permeable vs. impermeable systems, and will share illuminating testing on fasteners moisture resistance performance. The session will be moderated by Alex Bachrach, Publisher of Architectoral Record. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask Ms. Cronin questions, sparking open information exchange and design best practices.

“Christine Cronin is recognized as an authoritative expert in bulding enclosure design and performance,” said Jason Peace, Senior Director of Marketing and Product Management, Georgia-Pacific Gypsum. “We’re excited to offer this unique opportunity for AIA Conference attendees to interact with Ms. Cronin and benefit from her immense design knowledge.”

Ms. Cronin is Secretary and a voting member of ASHRAE Technical Committee 1.12 MMB, and a member of the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA). She received her Bachelor of Arts from Princeton University and her Master of Architecture from NewSchool of Architecture + Design.

Seating is limited for this exclusive event June 21, 3:30pm Booth 739 in the Javits Center, Manhattan.  

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